VHS / U-matic transfer

VHS transfer to DVD or file presents technical challenges. The picture quality of the VHS or S-VHS is poor compared to DVD and great care is needed to avoid further deterioration.

This service is intended for archiving valuable recordings and allows editing and restoration of sound and picture.

SD to HD conversion

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VHS and U-matic tapes are, like their audio counterparts, suffering from deterioration and are less robust than open reel. There are still plenty of VHS players but even so prompt action is needed.


(S)VHS and U-matic footage is captured with time-base correction to a lossless intermediate video file and an uncompressed preservation copy made.

Sound Restoration

The sound tracks on VHS could be of high quality but most benefit from restoration to remove hiss and other unwanted sounds. It is possible to improve clarity of speech and music then offer the original and the restored tracks on a DVD. This is very effective where speech had little post-production and could be hard to follow.

Video Restoration

Editing in the Avid MC8 system allows programmes to be re-compiled, re-titled, perhaps from several tapes. Noise reduction, particularly to the VHS tapes, can make a large improvement for the viewer.

Finally, the edges of the picture can be tidied to remove end of scan line artefacts normally masked by overscan.


The restored video can be delivered on a DVD or as files on a DVDROM or other storage media. Encoding for streaming, download or upload to YouTube, Vimeo etc