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DVD, originally developed for playing films, combines good quality video and interactive menus with multiple sound tracks and subtitles. This versatility makes DVD ideal for music videos, corporate promotions, teaching and training with multiple languages and commentaries.

Pier House is delighted to have authored most of the Transatlantic Sessions DVD series for Whirlie Records

Sonic Scenarist

AVID Video Editing, Titling and Effects

Adobe Photoshop

Main Concept

Surround Sound

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We prepare assets and help with all aspects of sound and video production, menu design and encoding.

Asset Preparation

An inventory is taken of the assets: video clips and their running time, number of menus, chapter points, audio tracks, subtitles, camera angles & still images. From this a bit budget calculates video and audio encoding rates and the type of DVD disc.

It is critical that DVD video is compressed only to the degree required. We use Main Concept encoders and optimise encoding for noise levels in the original video, length of programme and audio requirements.

Sound Tracks

DVD can have CD quality audio soundtracks as well as Dolby AC3 in 2 or 5.1 surround.

Mixdown to picture of multitrack recordings using Avid, ProTools or SADiE to surround or stereo.


Authoring assembles encoded assets into a DVD. Navigation links video managers, title sets, program chains (PGC) and chapter points. Menus give access to titles and chapters using embedded button commands.

Discs can be programmed to auto-start, programmes can be routed to menus automatically, menus can be timed and clips can loop


The production master is a DDP fileset with DVD-R playback copies for testing.

A disc testing service is offered to verify quality of product and to assist with customer returns


Part of a test run showing media faults.

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